440gsm PVC FREE Mesh Banners
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440gsm PVC FREE Mesh Banners



PVC mesh banners are purpose-made to stay put whatever the weather. The thousands of tiny perforations in this special media allow for light, sound, and wind to pass. Mesh banners are best suited for displaying in external settings over areas of a solid foundation or pole to pole. This can include displaying on fences, scaffolds, large buildings, lamp-posts, construction sites and even using as a stage backdrop. Mesh banners are also lightweight, meaning the display can be moved to various locations with minimum fuss or simply rolled up for storage.

As part of our sustainable and environmental journey to net zero, we constantly review the range of our materials. As a result, our 440gsm PVC free mesh material is an eco-friendly alternative to stand mesh vinyl. The material is just as durable and resistant to strong winds but does not contain chlorine and dioxins. It is therefore easier to dispose of than its PVC counterpart. Additionally, there is no efficient way to dispose regular PVC. When thrown into either landfill or an incinerator, and released in high concentrations, it can discharge toxins that negatively impact both humans and the environment. Opting to purchase a PVC free banner is a positive step forward in insuring our place of living and the environment is moving away from using less sustainable materials.

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Various Sizes


440gsm PVC Free Mesh Vinyl


Outdoor Displays, Building Wraps, Scaffoldings


Fire Rated to B1 Certification

Print Sides

Single Sided Only


Hemming, Eyelets, Clean Cut Edges, Velcro Edges, Pole Pockets


Various Quantities


UK Mainland Only


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