Business Card Paper Stock

Tips for Printing Business Cards

Business cards still provide a strong presence in today’s modern times. Meeting new people and networking is an integral part of business development.  A good quality business card with a professional design can set a positive vibe. Read our 5 great tips for choosing the perfect business card.

Business Card Paper Stock

1. Choose the right paper stock

A nice thick premium feeling card will always be the better choice. A cheap or flimsy looking card might do injustice to your design and company. Your choice of card stock can be difference on how prospective clients portray your business.

 It’s recommended to get free stock samples with various finishing options like matt lamination, gloss lamination, soft touch lamination and spot uv to name a few.

Professional Business Card Desgin

2. Commission a professional designer

Always try and budget for the services of a professional graphic designer. It might be tempting to use a design template as it is seen as a cheaper option. However, it is important to understand that ready-made design templates are available to everyone and more often than not customisation is restricted

A professional designer will listen to your exact design requirements and portray your brand with its own unique look. This will be from using custom fonts to design your logo and an exact colour scheme to compliment the overall design.

If you still wish to adopt a do it yourself method we recommend using Canva that is an all in one free design tool.

Double Sided Business Cards

3. Make use of both sides of the business card

Using both sides of business cards allows the overall design to be spread out over two sides for a cleaner look. Business cards serve the purpose of communication and exchanging contact information. As a result, it should not be used in the same context as leaflets and flyers.  

Business Cards Design Colours

4. Use a good colour scheme

The choice of colours used in your business card design will often communicate your brand’s qualities and values.

Agreeing to a colour scheme that best portrays your business can be tricky. Using a professional designer can help eliminate the myriad of choices. An experienced designer will always have a long-term vision of your brand and choose colours that will compliment the rest of your business stationery.  

Business Card Design Fonts

5. Choose a suitable font

There’s no need to spend hours jogging through endless fonts! Think about your target audience, their age and don’t sacrifice readability. A free tool for choosing fonts is and

The size of the font is just as important. Business cards only measure 85 x 55mm therefore we recommend using fonts sizes no smaller than 8pt and no larger than 16pt.

If you do need to communicate more than you can reasonably cram onto your business card, an option is to include a QR code on the back. Use this to send people to a relevant page on your website.

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